Doctor raped woman seven times in one night

A VICTORIAN doctor has been jailed for six years for raping a woman seven times in one night and taking photos during the assaults.

Bendigo GP Arvind Sharma, 37, was found guilty by a jury of seven counts of rape and three of indecent assault.

He and his victim were known to each other and had had consensual sex before the incident in December 2006.

The Victorian County Court was told the events unfolded when Sharma and the victim arrived at his home one night and he was very drunk.

The woman, who admitted to being a “bit tipsy”, rejected his advances, claiming to be unwell.

But despite this he continued and took photos with his mobile phone camera during some of the assaults.

The court was told the victim did not complain because she was frightened of him.

Judge Frank Shelton acknowledged Sharma had a high professional standing and his patients were still happy to consult him.

But he said his career was ruined and his offending had greater repercussions for him than for other members of the community.

He also noted there was a four-year delay between the time of offending and his sentencing.

Sharma’s supporters sobbed in court as he was jailed.

He must serve a minimum term of four years.

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