Dangerous British paedophile twins held

FRENCH police have located wanted and “dangerous” British paedophile twins Kenneth and Thomas Parker, who have apparently been living in France for years, a judicial source says.

The twins, reportedly former mercenaries who fought in the break up of Yugoslavia, were put on Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre’s list of most-wanted child sex offenders in March.

French police caught Kenneth Parker near the western coastal resort of Bernerie-en-Retz on Wednesday after he fled his home in the picturesque town of Quillan, near the border with Spain, last weekend, the source said.

His brother Thomas was discovered to have already been in prison in nearby Agen, where he has been held for several weeks pending trial on domestic violence charges.

The twins, described as dangerous by the CEOP, were wanted for failing to report to British authorities as was required of them, as they are on the register of convicted sex offenders.

They were located by British expatriates living around Quillan, population 3,500, in the Aude region, and through cooperation between British and French police.

Expats recognised the twins thanks to descriptions in the British press of their heavy build and noticeable tattoos, including of a dragon, a panther, a stallion, a naked woman and a wizard.

Kenneth Parker is now being held at a prison in Vezin-le-Coquet in northwest France, where a judge will rule on Monday on whether he can be extradited to Britain.

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