Cops praised for neutralising gunmen

Residents of Bonito Crescent in Manchester are breathing a little easier, while expressing appreciation to the Mandeville police for what one resident called their brave action in removing three gunmen from their community yesterday.

According to the residents, the trio has been terrorising the community for the last three months.

Reports are that a contingent of police personnel was in the area and approached a house on Bonito Crescent,s where the gunmen had taken up residence, when they were fired on. The police returned fire and when the shooting ended, one of the alleged gunman was killed and two others were taken into custody.

‘Puppy’ killed

Superintendent Lacelles Taylor, the officer in charge of the Manchester police, said the dead man, Jerome Anthony Blessimy, also called ‘Puppy’, was in his late 20s and is believed to be from the Mountain View area of Kingston. The other two are said to be from Montego Bay, St James.

Superintendent Taylor said a gun and several rounds of ammunition were also recovered from the men.

Councillor for the area, Sally Porteous, said the Mandeville police were to be congratulated for their bravery, particularly in this instance. She said the residents of Bonito Crescent and adjoining communities have been living in fear for the last two to three months because of gunmen.

She appealed to residents to pass on information to the police about any gunmen, strange activities or persons in their community.

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