Cops now want Justin O’Gilvie, others

POLICE this morning pleaded with Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke’s business partner Justin O’Gilvie to turn himself in.

Ogilivie, otherwise called ‘Stingy’, is a member of the Presidential Click business and one of three alleged Shower Posse members the cops have targeted.

The others are Harry Mcleod, also called ‘Harry Dog’; Prince Bucket, also called ‘Tugman’; and Paul KirkPatrick, otherwise called ‘Teddy Paul’.

Also, four members of the notorious Spanish Town-based Klansman gang — Tesha Miller, Jermaine Morrison also called ‘Speedy’, Nevardo Hodges and Michael Maragh — have been asked to contact the police.

Michael Pasley also called ‘Tony’ and Calvin Harris popularly known as ‘Collie’ from the Rat Bat gang are also wanted.

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