The British woman who was caught on a security camera cruelly dumping a cat in a wheelie bin has been identified.

And animal welfare officers have been speaking to the woman at her home, news sources in the UK are reporting today. The incredible footage shows the middle-aged woman stroking the cat, a tabby named Lola, on a wall outside a house in Coventry, England, on Saturday night.  She then suddenly grabs the cat by the scruff of the neck, drops it in the wheelie bin and slams the lid, before calmly walking away.

Stephanie Andrews-Mann and husband Darryl, who live in the West Midlands, didn’t find Lola for 15 hours, British media reported.  The couple use a CCTV camera to monitor the front of their home and have posted the footage on YouTube and Facebook in a bid to track down the culprit.  “I find the entire thing sickening, Stephanie told English newspaper The Sun.

“I cannot believe someone would do this to an innocent family pet.  “Lola was a rescue cat and was wary of people when we first got her. She has a lovely disposition and really wouldn’t hurt a fly. This is what makes the attack on her so shocking.”

The story became big news in the British media, being replayed many times on TV. The original video of the incident went viral on YouTube, quickly attracting thousands of hits.