Burma – Is Aung San Suu Kyi truly free

By Sandrea:-OPINION

Most of us could not bear to be in our house for twenty-four hours unable to go outside because of the fear of being arrested, yet Aung San Suu Kyi had to endure being under detention for 15 years seven of which is under house arrest because of her belief in democracy and the rights of the individual to determine their lives.

Seven days ago for reasons best know to the military junta of Burma she was released from house arrest.  The people of Burma rejoiced and the world congratulated the Burmese government for releasing Aung San Suu Kyi. But for me there has to be something sinister behind the so-called liberalism of the military junta, I did not believe that they somehow have an attack of conscience and decided that what they were doing keeping Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest was undemocratic and they had to release her.

My healthy scepticism paid off.  The military junta have shown their hands much faster than I anticipated when they decided to order 80 HIV patients to vacate the premises that they are occupying following a visit from Aung San Suu Kyi.  This move demonstrates that they are after something from the world community and they are aware that they cannot achieve what they are after so long as they have Aung San Kyi under house arrest however, they probable did not recognise that although her party had been banned that there were still individual Burmese that believe in what she has to offered and that was evident with the overwhelming turn out of people to greet her the moment she stepped out of her house.

I personally, believe that the military junta underestimate the reception that she would receive and having seen what is happening in the country, they are beginning to raise their ugly heads again by putting pressure on sick people to prevent them from supporting San Kyi. What kind of individuals turns sick people out of a centre that is there to cater for their needs?

It would appear that military junta fail to recognise that every time that they abuse the rights of individuals they can only accomplished this for a time because eventually they will lose, if the people are not free then the regime can never be free and that should be a lesson that they need to learn and understand.

They need to learn from history that in most cases where people are persecuted and forcefully kept against their will that eventually the regime will fall irrespective of how long it takes because the will of the people is always going to be stronger than that of the tyrant. A typical example of a tyrant was Adolf Hitler and we know what happen to him, so the Burmese military junta should learn from that.

It would appear from an outsider that although they say that Aung Kyi is freed it is obvious that their behaviour in the matter of the HIV patients demonstrate that they have not truly set her free and that they are still playing their games with her but making it seems that they have done a wonderful deed by releasing her from house arrest in order for them to achieve what they intend to get from the west.

However, we are not that stupid and western society will monitor them and when reports like the one that is out in the outrageous behaviour toward these sick individuals will only strengthen our resolve that they are really up to no good.

Considering that Aung Kyi, remains dignify irrespective of what she had to tolerate from these individuals, she called for a “peaceful revolution” to bring democracy to Myanmar but has made it clear she is seeking dialogue with the ruling generals. No criticism, and that is why she was award the Nobel Peace Prize, because she advocate peace even in the worse situation that she was place into and yet it seems that these so-called ‘ruling generals’ fail to grasp this aspect.

She cannot be a truly free person if they are going to use underhand methods to undermine her, turn sick people out of their shelter, and use threats to scare the people into doing what they believe that the people should do. They need to demonstrate that they are truly on the part of democracy and that people have a right to decide who best they need to govern them and if the ‘ruling generals’ have no fear from the people then they should allow Aung Kyi the respect she deserve and let her communicate with the people, and let the people be her judge.

It is no good them pretending that she has freedom when they are tying her hands behind her back, they need to wake up and realise we are in the 21st century not the dark ages and allow Burma and the Burmese people to know and feel what true democracy can accomplish.

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