British scientists invent gel to cure back pain

AN end to the agony of back pain may be in sight after British scientists invented a new gel that could fix the cause of the problem without the need for surgery, the Daily Mail reported today.

The gel, administered through an injection, contains sponge-like particles that repair damaged spinal discs, which cushion the vertebrae.

The gel would produce results within days, and mean sufferers would not have to go through painful surgery followed by a lengthy recovery period, the report said.

Brian Saunders, who led the research at the University of Manchester, said of the particles, “When we inject them, they expand and push against each other like a boxful of balloons blowing up and pushing against each other.”

The vast majority of people suffer from deterioration of the vertebrae once they turn 50, and the problem has been exacerbated in recent years as obesity levels rise.

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