Boy Survivies Stab in Forehead!

This is not for the squeamish


A 17-year old boy in Jilin, China was stabbed in the head with a 12 inch knife and lived! An argument broke out in an internet cafe over a video game. The victim was accused of cheating while playing the game Counter-Strike.  The suspect became so upset, he took a steak knife and drove it through the temple of the victim…so hard in fact, the tip of the knife could be seen thru the other side of his head.  (graphic images below):

The boy was rushed to a hospital remained concious and after a 10 hour surgery, the knife was removed.  According to Doctors, the knife missed all major arteries and any area of the brain that affects motor skills, but so dangerously close.  He is under observation because the knife was a bit rusty and some of the rust might have flaked off in his brain.  UNBELIEVABLE!!

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