Bin Laden’s final message

Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden may be dead, but his final message has still been delivered to the Arab world.

He praised Arab revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia in a posthumous audio message and told Muslims to take advantage of this “rare historic opportunity” to rise up, a monitoring group said today.

Al Qaeda said bin Laden, who masterminded the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, recorded a message a week before his death.

In the audio, a voice which appears to be bin Laden’s says, “The sun of the revolution has risen from the Maghreb. The light of the revolution came from Tunisia. It has given the nation tranquility and made the faces of the people happy.”

Tunisia’s president was overthrown in January, followed by Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak who was swept from office after mass protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

“Tunisia was the first but swiftly the knights of Egypt have taken a spark from the free people of Tunisia to Tahrir Square,” said bin Laden, adding: “It has made the rulers worried.”

Bin Laden was killed on May 1 when teams of US Navy SEALS were dropped by helicopter into his compound in Pakistan.

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