BBC Apology, Unacceptable

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Yet again this is another stigmatisation of young black men within our community and if the BBC believe that they can make some vacuous apology to the black community and all will be forgiven they are sadly mistaken.

What it is with these so-called cooperation that believes they have the unmitigating right to label people and community without cause?  I cannot believe that the BBC and its employees were watching the same riots that the vast majority of us was seeing unfolding because I am sure that they rioter were not only black as is suggested by that ridiculous title and it does offend us tremendously.

It is time for institutional racism to be abolish and the fact that in the twenty first century we can still be subjected to this kind of blatant racist title makes me very angry indeed and I would imagine so is a lot of black parents across the country.

Apologising is not good enough, you cannot lock the gate after the horse has gone through it, and once you ring a bell it cannot unring.

Where are the intellectual and intelligent people who are suppose to work at the BBC, do not tell me that a title like that did not ring alarm bell in someone in order for them to decide that it was grossly inappropriate and would be extremely offensive to especially young black men.

If something is wrong with young black men, which there isn’t, then it is ill-thought out comment and headlines such as that made by the BBC that make them angry.  If the BBC during the covering of the riots made it absolutely clear that the rioters were a mixture of everyone then why would they then create a headline such as “Is there a problem with young black men?” it does not make sense the only way that they would come up with such a thought provoking title is if they believe that the rioters were primarily young black men and therefore that is why that title was put forward.

The BBC must believe that all black people are stupid and unintelligent for them to say that they apologise if they cause offence to our community, what did they believe that would happen with such an emotive headline, do they things we were just going to sit back and let them cast such a gross and unfair aspiration on us and we say and do nothing.   This is not the dark ages and we certainly cannot be told to shut up when insensitive remark like those are make.

I personally do not believe the apology is genuine and I would imagine that there are many black people who feel exactly as I do.

There is no way that there should have to be an apology if the BBC would put across title for discussion that does not inflame a community, irrespective of how much they apologise I do not believe it, this was a callous and calculating title and I do not believe a single word they say no matter how many time they apologise.

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