A nation divided

By Sandrea

I have kept a close eye , over the last few weeks in respect of the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition affair.

This has caused me to write a few article in respect of the situation and the problems that I believe this sordid affair has been doing to the island of Jamaica.

However, to my amazement I was unaware that the ‘Dudus’ extradition affair could caused so much real-time problems, not only for Jamaica, but on the international stage.  It was to me inconceivable that this problem that existed in a small corner of the world could generate so much interest and generated such furore of comment from various countries around the globe, but it did.

The most captivating thing for me  however, is the level of support that the Jamaican people are leveling for Mr Coke.  One cannot help but see the various photograph carried by the  Observer with regards to this emotive subject.  Whilst, many overseas see the Chritopher ‘Dudus’ Coke affair as been a negative thing for Jamaica, the Jamaican people see things from a different perspective and their demonstrations are not to be taken lightly.

For some reasons, best known to, especially supporter of the JLP, these individual see the extradition order granted by the Jamaican court against Mr Coke, yet another manner in which the US is trying to dictate to the Government of Jamaica.

Despite the fact that this sordid affair has seen one junior minister resigning, called into question the credibility of the PM, caused chaos and confusion, there is still this hard-core of people who will not allow Mr Coke to be extradite to the US  as easily as the establishment believe it is going to be.

Irrespective of the fact that the US has cited ‘Dudus’ as a drug pushing gun trafficking lout, this has done nothing to phase the way how he his perceived within the Tivoli Gardens community.  When ordinary people are willing to demonstrate in the manner that they are currently doing in Jamaica it is going to be very difficult for anyone to believe that this extradition is going to be a walk over.

My worry now is what is going to happen to the country if Mr Coke lose is appeal and his force to surrender to the US.  The though that this could put the country into a civil war, I hope will not escape the establishment.

I am certain that there are a number of Jamaicans that would gladly want to see the back of ‘Dudus’, however they are in the minority and I have not seen any protest from them.  Their voices seems to be silent.

The coming weeks are going to prove the level at which people are willing to go to protect their idol, as would appear that is what ‘Dudus’ is to a great many people.

I hope that if he has to be extradite to the US, Jamaicans will not turn on each other, those that are for and those that are against, will unite and let the courts deal with this situation.  I hope that they can be rational about the whole affair and not begin to murder each other, it is not worth it, not even for Christopher ‘Dudus Coke.

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