10 ways to get a better love life right now

NO matter how boring your love life has become, or how much of a routine it has fallen into, there is much you can do to get it firing again. In fact, all some men ask is that their women become active participants in the act and lose their inhibitions.

Here are some ways in which you can achieve a better love life.

1 Find what excites you — Find out what turns you on and excites you on your own before you involve him. The fact is if you don’t know your own body, how can you expect him to? Do your own self-examination to find out your scream spots then you will be more able to guide him into these areas.

2 Face your flaws head on — By now it should be understood that a great part of lovemaking for women takes place in the mind. Therefore, if you have physical flaws that occupy your mind during lovemaking, it is best to address these issues beforehand. Tell him your concerns and how you feel about these body parts before so you can see his reactions and if it is worth getting into after all. The truth is, if he is not comfortable with the way you look, he may not be worth your time.

3 Ask for what you want — Men are not mind readers, they don’t always know what pleases you, since what pleases one person is not always what will please another. Therefore, tell him what you enjoy and what you want him to do. Your expression of joy when he has satisfied you will excite him and boost his ego.

4 Find out what he likes — Chit chat with him about all the things he likes done to him during lovemaking. Be as casual as ever and don’t let it be known that you plan on indulging him. However, make the effort to fulfil his desires in different sessions.

5 Try something new — Trying something new in the bedroom is one of the best ways of attaining a better love-making life. While many women choose to play it safe, this is the wrong route to take in gaining excitement. Trying something new doesn’t have to be outrageous, it could mean adding lingerie, massages, love-making toys, whatever makes you comfortable.

6 Take the initiative — One small change that can have a big effect is for you to initiate sex, especially if this is not the norm. Let the him feel that you desire him as much as he desires you. Take a risk, even if you feel shy about it at first.

7 Dress sexy — If you dress sexy, you will feel sexy, if you feel sexy you will be confident enough to let go off your inhibitions and enjoy the person you are with. Wearing sexy underwear, or nothing at all underneath your work clothes will help you feel sexy and a little naughty. This will put you in the mood for love-making and throughout the day will have you anticipating the moment you finally get to make love. It will also serve as a lovely surprise as your partner undresses you.

8 Deal with sexual problems — It is very important to deal with any sexual problem that may occur. If it is that you feel he does not spend enough time on foreplay, if he discharges too quickly, suffers from erectile dysfunction or any other problems, or if you have a problem reaching orgasm or suffer pain during intercourse, it is best to deal with it rather than have it on your mind. Some sexual dysfunctions may require medical assistance.

9 Send heated messages — With the existence of technology, you can use text messages or instant messages to do the talking. Send him a text in the middle of the day telling him just what you want to do to him later on. If you are conservative with words during the act, this is a good place to let inhibitions go. Get him all heated and expectant as he anticipates what will come.

10 Start in the car — Women who are picked up at work have the added bonus of starting to let him into your fantasy before you reach home.

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