What the hell is wrong with today’s youth

By Sandrea:- MY GRIPE

I am so flaming angry I can hardly find the words to write this gripe.  Yet again another parents have to go through the process of burying their 15 year old son, who has been murdered today by a gang of cowards.

Where do these young people come off leaving their homes and going out to commit murder against each other.  This has really gone too far now.

This act is even, more downright disgraceful as it took place in the grounds of a school, a place where children are suppose to be safe.  The other frustrating aspect of this crime is the age of the boys that are being questioned by murder squad detectives, who themselves are no older than 14, they should be in school themselves, if they are found to be the perpretrators of this heinous crime, I hope they are lock away for good.

Where are the parents of these reprobates?  Do they (parents) have any ideas what their children are up to and the company they are keeping.

Nobody wins in these kind of atrocities, because one parents lose their child and the other will see their children most likely sent away for life.  Do these youngsters believe that when they undertake these crimes that they are going to get away with it.  Do they believe that they are somehow going to carry on living their lives in freedom, after they have taken the life of another.

The have killed a young person, they have disrupted the lives of others, they have taken away someones son, brother, nephew, he cannot come back and I hope the individuals who have done this crime will be haunted by their evil deeds for the rest of their lives, and equally I hope they are sent to prison also for the rest of their natural lives.

These hooligans should not be given any chance to re-join society, they have forfeit that right the moment they decided to take away the life of this young boy.  They are evil just pure evil, and regardless of what people may say, I personally believe that some children are born evil and regardless of what you do with them they continue their evil way through-out their lives.

My sympathies goes out to the family of this young boy.  I hope they will find the strength to go through the trying days ahead of they and their families.

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