We are not bad parent – Scientist says

By Sandrea

The recent report undertaken by Cardiff University with regards to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which states that is a genetic condition, is a great relief to many parents that have suffered for years with children that they find virtually impossible to control.

I can remember my own daughter and at the age of 3 I was constantly called to the nursery, she would not behave she would fidget she find it difficult to concentrate and her behaviour was driving me insane.  It left you with feeling that you are failing and with nowhere to turn you just had to believe that you were the one to blame.

This research and subsequent report has at last given parents hope in the belief that they are not to blame if their children suffer with ADHD and that in fact it is a genetic disorder and not from bad parenting.

The frustration that is attached to children with this disorder is unbelievable and if you do not have a child that suffers from this then it is impossible for anyone to comprehend the devastation that one feels about having children with ADHD.

I also believe that has the scientist says this is a genetic disorder because my daughter’s son has the same problem and it got so bad that she refuse now to attend the school when they call her and I am force to take her place.

Reading this report has helped the family tremendously and now that we understand the reasons why my grandson is behaving in the manner that he is we have a better understanding of how we can best deal with the situation and realise that shouting and screaming at him is counter-productive.

I hope that everyone that has children with ADHD will read this report and realise that they are not bad parents they just have children with a gene that make them into the little monster that they sometimes become.

As the report outline  “One in 50 children are affected by the disorder, which attracts disapproving looks and frequent scolding from people convinced that the bad behaviour is due to poor parenting, too much sugar or too many additives in the child’s diet”. This is a tremendous amount of the nation children’s that has this problem so there are a lot of parents that are in the process of tearing out their hair not knowing what to do with these children.

I have experience this kind of behaviour from a child with this disorder so my sympathies goes out to those that are suffering with children that has ADHD.  So when you are in the supermarket or any other place and you see a child playing up do not automatically believe it is bad parenting the child could be suffering from ADHD so spare a though for the parent and the problems that they are undergoing.

Please read the report:

Bad behaviour down to genes, not poor parenting which is featured on this site

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