Two London boys accused of raping eight-year-old

Two 10-year-old boys raped a girl aged eight at a block of flats in west London, the Old Bailey heard today.

The child was subjected to a series of escalating sex attacks at locations around the building, the jury was told, ending in a garden area. On one occasion bins were placed across the door of a shed so she could not escape.

The little girl said they had taken her scooter and told her she would not get it back unless “she pulled her pants down”. Finally the boys “helped each other” to carry out the sex attack.

After telling her mother what had happened, a hospital examination found the girl had “no injuries but a number of scratches and grazes which had not been there earlier in the day”.

The defendants sat between their mothers and their solicitors. The boys, from west London, deny two counts each of rape and attempted rape. They are among the youngest children to stand trial for rape in a British court.

Rosina Cottage, prosecuting, said: “Together they took her to different locations in order to find a sufficiently secluded spot to assault her.”

When arrested, Boy A told police that the girl had asked Boy B, now 11, to have sex with her at a block of flats in Hayes, and he had “gone along”.

Boy B admitted he had exposed himself to the girl but denied any attempt to have sex with her.

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