Thugs murdered management consultant for £100 to pay a prostitute

Thomas Connor and William Paton

Convicted: Thomas Connor and William Paton  [right] blamed each other

Two thugs who beat a management consultant to death near Buckingham Palace for £100 to pay for a prostitute were today convicted of his murder. Nadim Gulamhuseinwala, 32, was attacked with an iron railing and robbed in Green Park by the pair who had been drinking and taking cocaine.

Former surgeon Dr Gulamhuseinwala was walking to his home in Westminster after a night out with friends at 4am in July last year. His girlfriend Rebecca Bott had just warned him on his mobile of the dangers of walking through the park at night when he was struck by the 10kg pole.

The jury found William Paton and Thomas Connor guilty of murder. They face life imprisonment when sentenced by Judge Stephen Kramer on Thursday. Connor is a former child model who was the face of Angel Delight in TV ads.

The killers, both aged 20 and from Orpington, blamed each other for the senseless and random attack which was captured on CCTV. They had travelled from Kent to London and had taken cocaine and been drinking heavily when Connor was robbed by a prostitute in Soho. The pair were infuriated and went looking for a victim to recoup their money “in a tower of rage”.

The jury watched the CCTV of Mr Gulamhuseinwala leaning against railings in Queen’s Walk talking on his mobile to his girlfriend when he was suddenly struck with the metal pole. Connor stamped twice on his head and Paton went through his pockets as he lay dying on the ground.

Ms Bott said her boyfriend was telling her he recognised the dangers of being in the park so late and promised to take a taxi. He sounded “happy”, she said. She went on: “He said he was jealous of me being in bed as he was tired. He started saying something else then there was two to three seconds of white noise. I just said hello, hello’ then the phone went completely dead.” Ms Bott said they had met when she was a medical student at King’s College and he worked there as an anatomy demonstrator. Their time together was precious because he travelled abroad so much.

Speaking for the first time about the murder his family described Mr Gulamhuseinwala as “a shining light”. His father Vajiuddin, 73, said: “Nadim lived for 32 years but achieved twice as much as most people would in 64 years. We will remember him as a unique, loving son.” “Wherever Nadim went he brought light. People loved him — over 500 came to his funeral. It feels like we are in a black hole now that he is gone. We will never be able to properly describe our suffering.” Dr Gulamhuseinwala had trained as a surgeon before joining City management consultants McKinsey in 2007 and being posted to New York. On the night he was killed he had been enjoying a night out with a friend at Funky Buddha and other Mayfair clubs. He died of his injuries, including multiple skull fracture and a large blood clot on the brain, in King’s Cross hospital two weeks later.

Connor told the jury he had felt “angry, upset and frustrated” after being robbed by the prostitute.

Angel face’ killer and Billy Idiot’

One was “a little angel” who was used as a child model to sell puddings. The other was a talentless waster known locally as “Billy Idiot”.Thomas Connor and William Paton were a pair of pathetic individuals in comparison with the brilliant career of their victim. Connor, who lived with his mother and two-year old sister in Bromley, had looked so angelic at primary school he featured on the wrapper of Angel Delight desserts.

He was later bullied, beaten and branded “gay” by classmates once they found out about his modelling career. In his teenage years he attempted to take an overdose and months before the murder was rejected by the Army because of his history of self-harm. Paton, whose highest grade at school was a C in art, was known in the Bromley and Orpington area as a “verbal punchbag”. His nicknames included “Silly Billy,” “Billy Idiot” and “Forrest Gump”. Both men conducted what is called in legal circles “a cut throat defence” , blaming each other for the murder in a bid to win a not guilty verdict. Half way through the trial, as they were being brought to court in a prison van, Connor threatened to kill his former friend.

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