The changing face of parenthood

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

It comes as no surprise to read the article that states that children become better at spelling if they are read bedtime stories.  The days are long gone when parents would see it as part of their duties to read their children stories before they go to bed and it was also one of the ways in which a parent develop a strong bond with their children.

However, the changing face of parenthood have put a tremendous strain on these activities and today’s parent depend on the internet, teachers and playgroup workers to read to their children.  The generation of parents are getting younger each day and they themselves do not have the abilities to understand the true roll of parenthood and therefore most of the young parent would prefer to purchase games and other electronic paraphernalia to appease their children rather than reading to them.

The other aspect that has seen the erosion of parent reading to their children is that the parent that are employment cannot find the time when they return from work to spend the necessary quality time that they should with their children and this is not because they do not want to do so but the pressures of work, worrying about the bills, and general exhaustion of the day and all they want is to put the kids to bed and find a quiet moment for themselves.

The more technological that we become the more we erode the little things that was usual undertaken in the family.  Ten years ago most families would have a picnic day out today it is either MacDonald’s or Wimpey and there is no way that you can recreate the feeling of being in the open air with your family having a picnic with going to these fast food restaurant.

This article is a welcome report and I do hope that  most parent who read it will in fact once again take up the mantle of reading bedtime stories to their children rather than letting them watch television and be left to their own devices.

If more children were being read to from an early age and this continue until they are capable of doing the reading themselves I believe we would see a tremendous change in the way that teenager develop.  I also believe that the government should run a campaign to encourage today’s parents to get back to the roots of what was once a natural thing to do reading bedtime stories to your children.

As being suggested in the article “By reading more complex things to them like the Narnia stories or The Lord of the Rings, then you are developing their vocabulary – as long as you can distract them from their PlayStations and the television,” That is really what we want parents to do, not that we wish them to completely take away their PlayStations or prevent them watching their favourite cartoons, but this should be balance with reading them their bedtime stories.

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