Prison head in sex scandal

The governor of a French prison faces a possible jail sentence after being accused of having a love affair with a young woman jailed for acting as “sexual bait” in a kidnap, torture and murder case.

Florent Goncalves, 41, has been suspended as head of the Versailles women’s prison, west of Paris, after allegedly falling in love with the 23-year-old inmate of Iranian origin.

Emma Arbabzadeh, who is sometimes referred to as “Yalda”, is serving a nine-year sentence for her part in the kidnap and murder of a young Jewish man in 2006 by a gang known as the “gang of barbarians”.

Goncalves, and a more junior 36-year-old prison guard, are reported to have admitted having sex with the woman in return for money, gifts and special treatment.

He has been formally accused of “the smuggling of money and forbidden objects and having illicit dealings with a prisoner”. If convicted, he could be jailed for up to three years.

The affair came to light after other prisoners protested that the young woman was receiving favourable treatment, including soft jobs and the use of a mobile telephone.

Arbabzadeh came to France with her mother as an 11-year-old child to escape a forced marriage in Iran.

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