Pepper Pot

Bruce Golding (right) in discussion with Gordon Brown.

A tale of two PMs

It’s not been tea and crumpets for Gordon Brown or Bruce Golding these days. Many say they know just what BG would have done in GB’s position… we think. But, can’t help wondering what GB would do in BG’s shoes today.

Driver vs rider?

They say the race for leadership is well under way. This time there’s no lobbying but big-time jockeying for the driver’s seat.

What a show for guests!

Word on the street is when choosing to stay at a certain purple place, best be prepared to deal with barbarians dressed as staff. Or, get ready for glass followed by a plate to the head. One guest, a local who’s vocal, got just that and then two dozen stitches in the noggin to show.

How firm a foundation… when you follow fashion

So the golden rule in business must be, when all else fails just look for the best and copy them. Some say that’s no way to make hay, others say it’s a super way to save the day. But seriously, even in laying a foundation?

Raging hospitality

Those in attendance at the industry awards event saw for themselves. But there’s talk about someone who was a tad peeved that none from the kingdom even placed. Surely, there’s some mistake, no one could really have said “you people…?”

It’s not over

Now that all the cards are supposedly on the table everyone’s waiting with bated breath to see if someone, somewhere, has a better hand to play. There is talk of a Man (att) with the trump held closely to his chest. Seems some think it’s all over, but on the street talk is that ‘the fun has just begun’.


Seems there’ve been waivers big enough to settle any past or future strike action. Yeah, that big!

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