Nelson bites back at Lewin on ‘Dudus’

Minister of Security Dwight Nelson

MINISTER of National Security Dwight Nelson has reacted strongly to the suggestion by former Commissioner of Police Hardley Lewin that Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was last year tipped off about his impending extradition. Lewin also called for Prime Minister Bruce Golding to resign.

Nelson said that statements made by Lewin during an interview aired on CVM television yesterday night reflected “the maliciousness of a bitter and revengeful man.”

“I reject and repudiate Mr Lewin’s insinuation that either the Prime Minister or I alerted Christopher Coke to the existence of an extradition request by the US authorities. The fact that Mr Lewin made no attempt to adduce any evidence to support his reckless statement raises questions as to his real motive, an issue for which he will be held to account,” said Nelson in a statement.

He further questioned why Lewin would have kept hidden such a serious matter for so long. He said that senior members of the security forces have denied  knowledge of such evidence.

Nelson went on to attack Lewin’s “incompetent” tenure as commissioner, accusing him of arrogance and alienating the police force.

“Mr Lewin’s acknowledged “hurt” and his reckless outburst must be attributed to his abject failure as Commissioner of Police. During his tenure crime exploded to record levels with more than 800 murders being committed in his first 6 months on the job. While he was Commissioner of Police 199 persons were murdered during the month of May 2008, the highest number of killings in any one month up till now,” said Nelson.

The security minister said that the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Government would remain undistracted in fighting crime citing the recent success of dismantling its own. garrison community of Tivoli Gardens

“His strident call for the resignation of the Prime Minister must be seen as a rear guard action to achieve what the Peoples National Party’s censure motion in Parliament failed to do… The government will not be distracted by the vengeful attacks of a bitter and callous man, no matter what embarrassment the success of these efforts may cause him.”

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