My man doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body

IT’S no secret that not all men are tuned in with their romantic side. Fortunately, most men are trainable, but in order to be successful, the trainers will have to proceed carefully. After all ladies, you don’t want your partner to be too loving, to the point where it becomes annoying or on the other hand, less romantic than he already was.

So what do you do when the romance factor in your relationship is zero? How do you get him to sweep your heart away, without having to buy him a copy of Romance for Dummies? Here are some tips:

• Reward him when he‘s romantic. If he brings you flowers, gush over them and tell him how thoughtful he is. Men like to know that they have done well, so reward him by turning up the heat in the bedroom that night and most likely he will be doing more romantic deeds for you more often. He’ll know soon to link good loving to his good deeds.

• Subtly point out ways that other men are romantic. Guys like nothing more than a challenge, and if you give them another man to compete with, they will constantly strive to outdo the other guy. Point out how amazingly romantic one of your friend’s boyfriend is and see what happens. Be sure you don’t overdo this, otherwise he will get annoyed.

•Without being confrontational, tell him what you want. Remember as much as you would want him to be, your spouse is not a mind reader. Tell him that you would appreciate if takes you dancing, buys you flowers or rub your feet once in a while. Assure him that doing these doesn’t make him less of a man.

• Give him foot massages and back rubs and surprise him with little tokens once in a while. Once he sees how romantic you are towards him he will feel the urge and his conscience will force him to reciprocate.

• Show him your vision of romance. Set up a romantic date each week. Once you get him in the habit of doing romantic things like having a candlelight dinner, hopefully, he will start doing them on his own to surprise you.

• Buy a romance DVD movie and casually point out the nice things the men in the movie do for their companions. Don’t come right out and say you want him to do the same things, but subtly point them out. Hopefully he will eventually get the hint and start treating you better.

• Ladies, pay attention to your appearance and personal hygiene. Too often after marriage or a long courtship women sometimes no longer feel the need to look sexy for their partner. And if your partner is turned off by your appearance, he may no longer feel the need or interest to be romantic towards you.

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