My Gripe – UK Government

Now that the indecisive election has gone and David Cameron and Nick Clegg has barter themselves into an agreement that see Mr Cameron emerging as Britain new Prime Minister, I wonder what the future for the UK is going to be.

We now have a PM who was not given  a clear mandate by the people, and a minute party that would never, in history, be given a victory by the British people in order for them to form a government, holding a powerful position and deciding who is to become PM.  The Lib Dem must feel like they have won the jackpot on the lotto.

I personally believe that our country has now become a huge joke on the international front.  Here we are with a PM that have to be careful what he said, what he does, how he governs, because should his bartering partners disagree with him he could find himself moving out of number 10 faster than he when in.  I cannot imagine a worst position for any PM, this century to be in.

Makes me laugh – Tories and Libdem in partnership.  A few past Libdem must be turning over in their graves.  As long as I can remember these two parties never have anything in common.  Majority of the times they are at logger-heads with each other.

I know that I am a skeptical person and because of that my skepticism tells me that this partnership may last for around 12 months before it begins to unravel – leopards do not change it’s spots.  I really believe that the Lib Dem are going to try and drive the fundamental policies that they believe the country needs.  They are going to demonstate that, given the opportunity that can become an effective government.  If the Tories policies do not meet their standards then I dread to think where this country is heading.

I would like to believe that these two parties can put their differences aside and ensure that the UK gets the best of both worlds, an effective Prime Minister, ensure policies that meet the needs of the country.  Give the PM the backing require to ensure he can lead the country with some surety, but been a skeptic, I personally do not think that this will happen – what a shame.

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