My Gripe – Scam me – Hell No

Don't let them take this away from you

By Sandrea:-

Money is the “root of all evil” so they say and as such the moment someone believe they are going to get the almighty green, they become very stupid.

I am griping today about scammers because I recently received, via the post, a pretty envelop and inside is an equally pretty picture of  a cheque with my name written on it.  This cheque is for 25 thousand pounds of which I am informed that I have won.  – But, hear this – I have to send these people 25 pounds for administration fees before I can collect.  Well according to popular believe, there’s ‘one fool born everyday’ but this cookie is not one of them.

My way of dealing with this is simply I am going to used the return envelope they sent me and I am going to send it back to them with a note saying – take the 25 pounds from the 25 thousand you claim I win then send me the balance – that should put  a spokes up their wheel.

I find it hard to believe that people are still allowing themselves to be scammed in this blatant way. If you did not purchase lotto tickets then why would you expect to win.  Furthermore, why would I want to by a lotto ticket in Spain when I can buy one in the UK.

Scammers are only successful in their criminal ventures because they target human beings greed.  The majority of scammers are fully aware that when money is mention a great deal of people suddenly lost their ability to think rationally, and that is when they hook you.  It beggars-belief to think that people are handing over their bank account details, because some idiot in a far away country tell you that they are going to give a cut of the proceed.

I may not be very rich and like the majority of people I find that financially I am finding it difficult to meet everyday finances, there is no way in hell I am going to buy into the bull that these scammer has to offer.  It is no use they send me e-mail to update my bank details, because as soon as I see it it gets – DELETED, I do not even want to know what it said.

My delete button on my computer is called my friend.  I do not open or read any e-mail that is offering me any crap.

I am sick and tired of reading stories where people have lost their hard work savings to some scammer.  It is particular heart-rending to me when the people they conned are the elderly and the frail of our society.  We have the power to stop scammers, if we just THINK, use our common-sense, go with our GUT feelings, and adhere to the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, then probably it is”.


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