Today’s My Gripe – Religion

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I grew up in the Christian faith and strongly believe in God. However, I would never deemed it necessary to hurt or harm any other person/s who do not believe in my faith.  I would never threaten  anyone because they create or drew a cartoon caricature of either God or Jesus.

I believe that the God that I worship is quite capable of taking  care of himself.  He asked me to serve him, to be a part of his life, but what he his not asking me to do is to go around commiting acts of terrorism in his name.

So, because of that I take great offence to the censoring of ‘South Park’ following an episode in which the prophet Mohammed was portrayed as a bear.

Does the Muslim community not believe that their prophet is capable of looking after himself?  If love, is the essence of every religion then I cannot see where Mohammed would have his followers committing acts of violence against anyone because their  perspective is differs from the followers.

Where does the  Revolution Muslim get off been angered because of cartoon character.  All religion is based on tolerance, love, humanity and peace.

It makes my blood boil when any group of individuals believe they have the right to take other people’s lives in the name of religion or any other so-called cause.

Lets be clear, Jesus, God, Buddha, Mohammed, whoever the deity that one worships or serve is quite capable of taking care of themselves and all they asked of us is to live in UNITY and peace and to be each other keepers, not blow each others to smithereens or threaten one another, in their name.  They do not want that.

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