Housing benefit fraud Family, Why

By Sandrea:- MY GRIPE

The Pathmanathan family that was fined for ‘housing benefit’ fraudulent claims have gotten off lightly.  They should have been sentence to longer terms.

It, is people like that family why so many people have to suffer and the reasons that the Government see it fit to decimated these benefit.  If you can afford to pay your way then there should be no reasons why you do not.

There are so many poor people in our society that really need and depend on ‘housing benefit’ to keep a roof over their heads and when people like that family take away any amount irrespective of how much is involved, they are robbing the weakest in our society and for that I really disagree with the sentence.

There is no way in which anyone who has the ability to take care of themselves, to pay their fair share of taxes, to be able to financial look after themselves should allow the state to pick up that burden.

The welfare state was created to help those who unfortunately are not in a possession to financial help themselves and for every fraudulent claim that is made within that environment, is a little bit more that is taken away from the already meager benefit system.

I just cannot understand, why anyone would want to lower themselves in this manner, the great majority of people on these benefits do not want to be there, as the testing systems are so degrading, having people probe in every aspect of your life, having to lay your soul bare just so they can determine if you warrant this benefit, and so many people will only do so because the circumstances they find themselves in, make them have to tolerate the intrusion into their life.

To be able to pay your way should be such a dream, and this family violate the dream when they resort to such fraudulent behaviour, and as far as I am concern they have no shame.  Their behaviour is disgraceful.

I hope Brent Council, not only recoup the £170,000, but they insist that interest is paid on the amount, that will teach these people, and made others, in position of wealth, capable of paying their way,  think twice about defrauding the benefit system

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