France arrests two men suspected of preparing terrorist attack

FRENCH police have arrested two men suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in France.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux told France 2 television the pair was suspected of having links to a terrorist group.

“They were arrested for associating with criminals with a view to preparing a terrorist act,” he said. “These are serious charges. They are being questioned at the moment.”

Mr Hortefeux added that French anti-terror police so far arrested 85 people this year. Twenty-seven were still in detention, he said.

France is on high alert, following recent specific warnings of an imminent terrorist attack. A parcel bomb addressed to President Nicolas Sarkozy was discovered this week in Greece.

In addition, five French citizens in Niger were recently kidnapped by the north African wing of al-Qaeda, with a subsequent message from Usama bin Laden blaming the abduction on France’s treatment of Muslims.

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