For God Sakes – Not Again


For crying out loud, another child died from gunshot wound.  I am really angry right now at the senseless slaughtering of our young people

When is this going to end?  How long do we have to tolerate this outrageous behaviour, it has now reached a stage in Jamaican when even a simply childhood right like playing in you own front yard is no longer safe.  My god, what is the matter with these over-sized, unintelligent reprobate.

Come on, this is going beyond the  realm of decency.  I can understand, but cannot condone when drugs dealer decide to kill each other, that’s their business.  However when it comes to killing innocent children they have sung below the lowest life-form on this planet, and that is probable insulting the lowest form of life.

How can it be that in a so-called civilised society, a country that can elect it’s own government, a country that have some of the best athlete in the world, could find it so easy to murder 22 children.  I cannot seems to get my head around this fact, this is mind blogging to me.  Where is nation’s pride gone?.

Come on Mr Golding, you really need to take your head out of your … and pull your fingers out.  This kind of crimes cannot continue to go on.  How much more parent/s have to bury their children before the government say – enough is enough.  I cannot take this no more, I love Jamaica but right now I will not let anyone know that I am a Jamaican.  The pride I once feel has been taken away from me.  I cannot defend a country that allow so many of it’s children to die.

It beggars belief the manner in which these children die, they either been shot, have their throats cut – for pity sake.

Jamaica relies heavily on tourism, and I cannot believe that tourist are queueing up to go to Jamaica now.  If the politicians do not come together and do something about the murders that are going on out here, they run the chance of putting Jamaica back into the 9th century.  This should not be happening  – we should all feel ashamed that small country like that find it so difficult to stop the murdering of our children.


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