Filipina rape victim rescued in Taif

RIYADH: The Philippine Consulate General accompanied by police rescued a Filipina housemaid who was repeatedly raped by her sponsor in Taif on Saturday.

The woman told police that she was being raped at least twice a month since arriving in the Kingdom to work for her sponsor nearly a year ago.

The woman contacted the consulate for help and so consulate officials put her in touch with its coordinator in Taif.

The woman had been in contact with the consulate’s coordinator since January, but was unable to explain the exact place where she was being kept. The coordinator eventually asked her to escape, which she did on Saturday.

On leaving her sponsor’s home, the woman informed the consulate that she was at the Ministry of Education in Taif; this later turned out to be a school in the city’s Al-Qumriyah district.

Police telephoned the woman’s sponsor, a Saudi hospital employee, and asked him to report to a police station which he did after work on Saturday afternoon.

The man was questioned and is currently in police custody. The woman was taken to a hospital for examination.

Meanwhile, another Filipina housemaid in Taif recently contacted Arab News saying she also wanted to be rescued. Consul Leo Tito L. Ausan at the Philippine Consulate in Jeddah said the consulate will take necessary actions to rescue this woman also.

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