Deejay says… ‘I WON’T HAVE SEX FOR A YEAR’

The artiste, widely known for his graffiti in the Corporate Area, says that he will be taking time away from the bedroom to pursue his career on a more serious level.

Lewis claims that he started his no-sex campaign three weeks ago with the support of his girlfriend/ babymother who lives abroad. When THE STAR spoke to Lewis, he claimed to have had sexual intercourse for the last time before his abstinence stint in early April. For Lewis, he said his friends are also behind him to help him through the “rough times” and to stick to his “spiritual mission”.

“I will be doing a whole heap of projects and mi just waan ease off the sex thing so I can focus on work. Mi need some time to miself. Yuh know, being an entertainer you always have females deh round, yah understand, but is time for me to penetrate a work and tek tings seriously,” he said.

According to Lewis, he is viewed by the public as a comedic act and he wants to show that he can accomplish things on a more serious level. Also, Lewis said he hopes to be an example to teenage girls who are dropping out of school because they got pregnant.

He said, “Mi waan draw out the young kids mek dem see a entertainer sey he’s gonna abstain for a year.”

Lewis said that he made contact with the National Family Planning Board yesterday and wants to do some work with the organisation in high schools around the island.

Lewis said he chose a year to be abstinent because he wanted to set a good example and also because he wanted to challenge himself. As to how persons will know he hasn’t had sex for the year he added, “This is L.A. Lewis. My life is always under the microscope. Every move mi mek people a know … if mi bruck it, is me and God haffi talk ’bout it.”

Some of the projects Lewis will be doing during his ‘sex-free time’ are his own dictionary with his created words such as ‘sobolious’, as well as an upcoming album. He is also focusing on his clash with deejay Mr G at The Settlement on June 12 at the Caymanas Polo Club.

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