Death Text: Teen’s Life Cut Short by Text Message

Mike Yepremyan

LOS ANGELES — The flash of a gun muzzle and a teenager lies dead. A life is cut short because of a text message.

It’s a truly tragic tale — a young Southern California man full of promise, a murder that remains unsolved, and a family forever torn apart. This is the story of the Death Text.

The mood was festive at Mike Yepremyan’s 19th birthday party last October. Family video obtained by KTLA News shows a jubilant Mike, dancing with his family and friends. But no one in the room that night could have possibly imagined that 20 days later Mike would be dead from a gunshot to the head.

Mike was killed last November in the Sears parking lot in North Hollywood. His death was the tragic conclusion to a brief, bizarre set of circumstances that began with a cell phone text message.

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