Criticising Barack Obama is Counter-Productive

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

Well, so what the American people decide to vote in the Republicans to the House of Representatives, and you would believe that from the criticism that has been level at Barack Obama is that he his single-handled responsible for the woes of the world.

The majority of individuals that have been so quick to judge the President seems to forget that this man inherited a country that had two wars on-going failing economy, debts, you name it he was lumbered with it and somehow everyone expected him to wave a magic wand in a mere two years and wipe away all the crap that he inherited from George Bush. Baloney, it is time that people realise that politicians are not Gods they do not have any quick fix magic at their finger tips and irrespective of what they may tell you during an election the reality when they take on the job is completely different.

Barack Obama’s job was made double hard because he had to carrying the torch as the first ‘Black’ President and the whole world especially African American expected more from him than he could deliver in two years. They seem to forget that it is not like he has been president for five or six years he has to look as the mess that he inherited and find a way to fix them and that does not take only two years.

Considering that every day he had to deal with the number of body bags that were coming from Afghanistan and Iraq, from a war that was not of his making but the repercussions and aftermath of the problems has been placed on his shoulder.

Global economies have taken a down turn and who’s to blame of course this is level at President Obama, what utter rubbish.  I cannot abide these individuals that believe that there is some quick fit scheme available to solve the problems that are currently facing the world.  The majority of the people that are criticising Barack Obama cannot even balance their own cheque book yet they have the gall to be critical of the man and they are not the ones with the tough decision that has to be made in order to correct some of the idiotic policies that he inherited from George Bush.

I am fed up to the back-teeth with this constant tongue wagging and back lashing of the President.  It would benefit people more if they realise that being the president of the most powerful nation on the planet cannot be easy and that they are no quick fix scheme available to any politicians in which they can make everyone happy, get everyone a job, put money in everyone’s pocket, if that was the case we would only have one election because whosoever got the job would have been able to fix the whole dam thing.

Real life is not like the ‘Harry Potter’ films, there are no magic wand available to make all the problems of the world disappear, progress takes time and until we realise that we will forever chopping and changing politicians because of our selfish needs and we will, irrespective of who we elect will end up in the same situation until we give politicians the time they need to turn things around.

It is time that these critical idiots get off the Presidents back, if they have the magic formula to fix the problems in the US, in fact the world then they should come with that formula and because there is no such formula they should put up and shut up because they are not making it easy for the man to do the job that he was elected to do.

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