Child slavery – How long is this to go on?

As we watched the uprising and death in Jamaica, the international community talked about one thing Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

They find it amusing to report on the so-called kingpin of drugs and gun trafficking.  The stories coming out of Jamaica has gripped the international world and we cannot get enough of it.  However the YOUTube video above holds much more of a concern to me because it is an issue that should never leave our hearts and minds.  We must be reminded everyday that the enslavement of children around the world is a human tragedy of mammoth proportion and one that should put the entire planet to shame.

I do not believe that I have enough words to describe the way I feel about this subject.  I am annoyed that we have countries spending  1.5 trillion dollars to fight the drug barons around the world and yet we do not seems to have the same zeal to protect the next generation.

As you hug and kiss your own children today, wherever you are spare a though for the children who do not have the parental love and affection that they need and lets us see what we can do in our small way to end this plague that is robbing children of their childhood.

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