Banning cigarette display

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

I am sick and tired of the government interference into our life.  They have spend so much resources to get rid of cigarettes and this as no effect on people who smoke and yet again they are trying to find another way of pushing cigarette underground.

Whether cigarettes are displayed or not there is a hard core of smokers who will continue to purchase them and no amount of government pressure tactics is going to prevent that. What really annoy me is the fact that if the government and especially England’s chief medical officer Sally Davies is so concerned about our health why don’t they just ban cigarette completely and make it illegal the same way that heroin, marijuana and cocaine are illegal and are drugs that carry a prison term.

They have been systematically eroding our right to determine the manner in which we live our life and when government start to interfere in our lives this cannot be good for democracy. Firstly, they banned cigarette from public places, bars, pubs, government buildings, in fact there is no private or publicly own building that you can smoke in and the vast majority of people who may not agree with the ban accepted it for the sake of those who are non-smokers.

Everyone has the right to live their lives the best way they can and this constant erosion of our rights is getting up my nose. So what, if smokers choose that way of life then it is our right to smoke, there are thousands of people who have died from lung cancer who have never had a cigarette or any kind of drug in their life and this myth that you can only get lung cancer if you smoke is just that a myth.

The government seems to want to have its cake and eat it they want to push cigarette under the counter and still continue to reap the rewards of the tax benefit that they acquire ever year on the duty they levy on cigarette and that is a double standard at it worse.  Let us push cigarette to far end of the spectrum, but let’s not get rid of it all together because the revenue is such that we need to have this revenue every year, how blatantly disgraceful.

On one hand they are preventing us (smokers) from doing what we want with our lives and on the other hand they have no problems reaping the reward that cigarette offer and that is hypocrisy at it worse and they should be ashamed of them self.

The medical profession is equally to be blame because they seem to be happy at the stance the government is taking but I do not see them telling the government to completely ban cigarette and make it illegal to have them at all, they are just as hypocritical like the government.

They are never going to convince me until they stop completely taking the revenue that they get from cigarette that they have our best interest at heart they mere words and wanting to make it appear that they are serious in curtailing young people from smoking.

Show me and the rest of the world where is the evidence that they can demonstrate that all of the restrictions that they have place on cigarette has prevent anyone, in particular young people from smoking.  The rule of thought states that people will do what they want to do and you are either a smoker are a non-smoker, people will give up smoking if they choose and not by any so-called government intervention.

The tobacco industry have put so much money into government coffers that they would never legislate for a  complete ban so do not come with your half-hearted and ridiculous legislation, we do know that they are not honest, but is done to appease certain section of the community and that is disgraceful.

This latest move on the government part is going to prove counter-productive because they cannot stop people who are smoking from doing so and whether the cigarettes are place under or above the counter if you are a smoker then you know where they are and you are going to purchase it.

Young people who live in homes where the family smoke will, if they choose to smoke and the under the counter ban will not mean jack to them. So what is the government going to do, as the saying goes ‘an English man’s home is his castle’ are they going to ban cigarette smoking in our homes.

There are over 10 million people worldwide that die from malnutrition, in the UK since 1997 2,311 hospital patients die from malnutrition and instead of the government paying attention to that they are taking about banning cigarette display.  Where is the government priority?  Individuals choose to smoke and if they want to shorten their life then that is a choice, no one choose to starve or die from malnutrition and this government need to get their priority right.

On international women day we celebrate the people who have fought and die to ensure that we have freedom to determine the manner in which we live our lives and we elect government to enhance our live not to dictate the way in which we choose to live that life and we do not want dictator in a democratic society, we have seem what dictators are capable of achieving and their methods have no part in a free society.

We want the government to tackle malnutrition, care for the elderly, the sick, and children and to make sure that we have decent roads to drive on and the pot hole river bed road environment that drivers are experiencing and leave smokers alone.

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