I’m not a wanted man!

I’m not a wanted man!   Rose Heights mechanic hit twice in case of mistaken identity

From left: Shaneik Smith, Glenroy Thomas and Pastor Knollis King (Photo: Pat Roxborough-Wright)

MONTEGO BAY, St James — A 32-year-old mechanic, who was locked up after his name was mistakenly published on the list of men most wanted by the St James police, is seeking to set the record straight following the recurrence of the error in the electronic media.

“I have no idea how my name got on that list. The minute I saw it last month I went to the police station to have to clarify it and they locked me up. I was never charged, never brought to court… It was my lawyer who went to the judge and got me out, ” Glenroy Thomas told the Observer West.

Thomas, the father of four children, was freed on March 16 after the St James Resident Magistrates’ Court granted an application for a writ of habeas corpus presented by his attorney, Delford Morgan.

Now he’s wondering if he has a case for compensation.

“I am thinking about it,” he told the Observer West.

“I think he ought not to take this lying down. He should seek counsel to determine whether his fundamental rights have been breached,” Morgan told the Observer West. “He was locked up for 14 days and now for the mistake to be repeated… this can only compound the situation,” he added.

Pastor Knollis King Snr of Rose Heights United Full Gospel Church of God, who accompanied Thomas to the station and is providing moral support for the couple, said it was very important that Thomas’ name be cleared. “I understand what this young man has been going through and it is a matter of utmost importance that his name be cleared.” he said.

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