Eleven arrested as Los Angeles protests swell

ELEVEN protesters have been arrested in the biggest anti Wall Street-style demonstration yet in Los Angeles, with some 500 people rallying in the city’s downtown district.

Six men and five women were detained for trespassing by sitting down in the lobby of the Bank of America, an LA Police Department (LAPD) spokesman said.

Crowds – including some from the “Occupy LA” group which began protests at City Hall last weekend – looked on as those arrested were escorted out the front door.

They were bailed for $US5000 ($5150) each.

The protest was led by the ReFund California campaign, which lobbies for banks to keep families in homes, pay their fair share of taxes and help rebuild poor neighbourhoods.

“Money for Jobs and Housing, Not Banks and War” and “We Need Good Jobs”, read some of the placards carried by protesters, who dispersed later in the afternoon.

Demonstrators have camped on the lawn of LA’s City Hall since last Saturday as part of a nationwide series of demonstrations centred on anti-Wall Street protests in New York.

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