The price we pay for been selfish

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

One of the fundamental achievements that democracy has given the masses is the ability to vote for the party that we believe would be the most effective government.  A government that will put the majority of people especially those that is poor and needy, first and foremost.

However, the ability to choose effective government seems to get lost somewhere along the lines when the voters stopping thinking about the needs of the masses and began to think about what they believe that they can achieve as individuals and therein lies the paradox which has left the UK with the worse government since I can remember.

I cannot understand why anyone would be surprised that the UK coalition government made up of individuals that has never in the past being able to work together effectively and has always been at loggerhead with each other would ever make an effective government is beyond me.

During the nineteen eighties we saw the way in which government can transform ordinary individuals turning them from caring to uncaring.  The conservative government of the eighties lead by Margaret Thatcher was one of the most uncaring government of the day, people became selfish and self-centre during her reign and even today the fall-out of some of the policies that were established in those days are still plaguing us.  Yet unfortunately we still not learn.

Now I am not professing that the Labour party does not have its problems and that they did not make several mistakes that should not have been made, however with the labour party you knew what you were getting and therefore you can prepare for them.  The labour party would always stand up for the poor and needy, as far as I am aware the benefit system, health system, were virtually safe in their hands and yet the country seems to ignore this and decide that they were going to vote for a government that they know would clearly decimate the benefit system, one that would always made the poor of society suffer and they are then surprise when this government do what they have always done best.

The cuts which will axe welfare payments, savage government services and see as many as half a million public sector jobs lost. What does the government believe is going to happen to these people who are already the worse off in society? The first thing that will eventually happen is that crime is going to rocket because people are going to find any way they can to ensure they have money in their pockets irrespective of the way in which they achieve this.

What the vast majority of individuals seems to forget is that there are more poor people than rich, and without poor people there will be no government the poor have the ability to choose who we want to govern us and when we are doing so we need to stand back and ask ourselves, do we want these people to govern our lives for 5 years, is this the best party to be in government?  Just getting up and saying I do not like this party and therefore I am going to vote against them is not good enough because as the saying goes ‘once you ring a bell you cannot un-ring it’.

We have to settle for the cuts and devastation to our welfare department and payments, government services, watch public sector jobs disappear watch the poor get poorer because we choose to vote for a party that has never put the needs of the poor first.

It is time that individuals take the phrase that said “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”.  The labour party was not perfect and they had their fair share of problems but you can rest assured that had they been returned to power you would not see individuals marching on Downing Street because of cut to our services.

One of the things that annoy me is that the Conservative or I should say that this coalition government do not have a clue as to what they are doing.  If you make the lives of people that are already hard-up harder then what you do is to push people into committing criminal activities, people have to live and if they cannot find a job because of the decimation of public sector, then they are made to live on pittance, what do these government people believe is going to happen.

Government are suppose to help lift people out of poverty you are not suppose to create an environment the push people deeper into poverty that is surely not what a progressive 21st century government is suppose to do.

In one breath people are going to be force to live on minute amount of benefits and then those that manage to get a job are going to have to work longer pay more for day to day things such as train tickets, which meant that everything that we require to function effectively will rocket in prices but salaries are going to stay low and forget benefits because they are going to virtually non-existent, what a clever set of people they deserve a medal.

Osborne insists that “those with the broadest shoulders should bear the greatest burden,” claiming Britain’s highest-earners would be worst affected.  What a load of bull there are not enough people with broad shoulders to make the burden less on the poorer of society, so it stand to reason that the people who are going to be severely hit the hardest with these cuts are the poor because the vast majority of the country are poor people, so where Osborne gets his facts I would really like to know.

Angela Eagle Labour Lawmaker is right stating to the BBC “When you look at it, it is the state retreating. It is a blueprint for a smaller, meaner and nastier society and we think the government has got it wrong,”

The government will not recognise how wrong they are getting these policies until a year or so down the road, when their anti-social policies really began to hit the poorest and destitute of society and the fallout is something that they clearly are not prepared for because if they do then these unpopular policies would never be created.

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