Sarah Palin – Put up or shut up

By Sandrea:-OPINION

Sarah Palin current ranting regarding President Barack Obama strike one as the raving of spoilt brats who want a cookie from the cookie jar and the parent refuse to let them have it before their dinner.

Who is she to determine that the President is embarrassed by the US and regarding white American as racist?  Her comments are juvenile and it is time that politician realise that trying to blacken the reputation and integrity of another politician does not do them any favour, all it does it to demonstrate to the public their inability to govern effectively and therefore the public will always reject them.

She ought to understand while not all White American are racist there is still a degree of White Americans that are racist, hold racist views, and in fact undertake acts of racism on a daily basis so her comments are rather stupid and if she cannot differentiate that she live in a country that have some of its inhabitant that are clearly racist then something is wrong with her.

Why would she want to slur the President, does she really believe that is she question how patriotic he is then she will gain a standing in the poll and an increase in her popularity, when it that was her intent she has failed miserable. She should learn that the making of a great politician is the ones who deal with issues, and leave personal attacks out of the equation, the moment a politician sink to her depth in that one start to attack the integrity of their opponent then they lost the plot completely.

If African Americans have radical views she should ask herself the question as to why they have to nurture such view, and if she cannot answer her own question then she should hit the history books and maybe will find the answers therein.

People like Sarah Palin who came from privilege background, do not have a clue what the majority of ordinary people have to go through on a daily basis and this doesn’t happen to only African Americans it happen to the majority of American and if Barack Obama is going around apologising globally then he his do so because of the perception around the world about Americans in generally.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what part of the world people such as Sarah Palin exist in, what has been happening in the US must have escaped her, and before she start casting aspersion on the Obama’s she need to go and read the history of America she need to know about all the injustices that have been undertaken to minority groups and individuals.  No one is saying that the US is the only country that is fundamentally unjust and unequal, but for her to have blinkers on her eyes as to the problems that exist in America then this demonstrate that she would certainly not be good as a politician because and effective politician is one that recognise injustice and fight to stamp it out not bury their head in the sand and pretend it does not exist.

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