Racism – about time it is eradicated

By Sandrea:- MYGRIPE

One would believe that having come into the 21st century that those that  are racist, sexist, bigoted and downright disgusting would change their point of views, having recognised that there are no reasons for these stupid behaviour.

However, a few cases and events have appear recently in the popular press which make me believe that institutional racism is still alive and kicking.  What is it going to take for people to realise that the more you spend your energy hating others the earlier you will die.  To hate someone or something takes a lot of negative energy, energy that if use to love and care will put years on your life.

What people who harbour hatred have to understand is whether we are black, white, pink, orange is really does not matter we are all coming from the same source, irrespective of what race, creed or colour we eventually end up with, we are the same.  If you are back or white blood run through your veins, you hurt equally the same and really if any race should have hatred in their heart that should be black because of the slavery that we have endure throughout history.

Yet the thought of hating anyone has not cross my mind and I have a firm believe that slavery thought me something.  I look at the history of my forefather and applaud them for their tenacity in adversary they held themselves together so that I am here today and so are my children and if they did not held themselves in high esteem then like certain tribe of indians and the dinosaurs we would be extinct.

Racism should not play any part in decision making, whether it is to do with employment or the decisons to sent an innocent woman back to a country that she hardly know.  I cannot understand why companies and individuals seems to forget that people should be judge on merit and character and not on the colour of their skin, how ancient.

The fact that we have a black president in one of the most powerful nation on this planet should be a testament to these hate group that we have the capability to accomplish anything and a great deal of us are well educated and we don’t sponge off the system as been alleged.

Every atrocities that can be committed by a black person, a white person will also commit the same are even worse.  We should not judge people by the colour of their skin, but by the manner in which they carry themselves

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