Carla Campagna – Deportation disgraceful

By Sandrea: – MYGRIPE

I have always seen Canada as one of the most liberal country and believe that unlike its neighbour the USA who still has the dead penalty; Canada demonstrated it, humane side when like the UK it abolished the death penalty.   However, the deportation of Carla Campagna made me change my views.

How can Canada deport this young woman who has lived most of her life in that country, to a country whereby she has no friends are families to help her?  Given, that this young woman was honest about her minor affiliation, with the group that is seen as an organised ‘crime entity’, Miss Campagna was never charged with any crime.

She has no criminal record never has any charge against her for any domestic crime, to penalised her in such a manner is totally disgraceful and made me have to ask the question what is the Canadian authority trying to prove.

I am sure there are individuals residing in the Canada that has done a dam site worse crime that this young lady and they are still living in Canada.  Sometimes it seems to me that when certain organisation has nothing to do they seem to pick on the weakest in our society.

How can the people who made the decision to send Miss Campagna back to Santiago, sleep at nights.  Their decision is downright appalling and unfair.  This young lady never even joined the organisation.

I always thought that draconian decisions like these are made by countries that do not know any better.  I cannot believe that a so-called progressive country such as Canada has to resort to this downright disgusting and uncalled for decision.

I do not like to play the racist card because most time it is counterproductive, but I have to wonder whether this decision would have been made it this young lady was Caucasian, or it is only made because she is from an ethnic group.

This deportation decision suggested that individual cannot attend any group or organisation meeting as they can be deported simply by attending a meeting.  Decisions like these I would expect from Adolf Hitler, not from a group who is suppose to make better and fair decisions.

There is no way in hell that this young lady poses any threats to the Canadian people or to Canada as a whole and therefore, if she does not pose a threat then the only other alternative why she would have been deported is primarily to do with the colour of her skin and that I find deplorable.

This is nothing more than organised racism and it is the worse racist activity of all because these are people who made decisions which severely affect the life and liberty of another human being.

Justice Russel Zinn, who ruled in Federal Court that she failed to show irreparable harm, would be caused through her deportation, is living in a fantasy world, what does he know has he been a native of Chile.   People should not to make silly comments until they know facts, not fiction.

Of course, this is going to be a devastating change for her, she know nothing about Chile, she live the most of her life in Canada

The inhumanity of these decisions makes my blood boil, I cannot abide out and out racism and this case has no other ingredients apart from racism.

I hope the appeal process see this for what it really is and reverse this decision in order that this young woman can go back to the country she has know all her life and has not done anything to warrant the treatment that has been bestowed up on her.

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