My Gripe:- Low-life target the elderly.

By Sandrea

The newspapers have been full of reports regarding crimes committed against the most vulnerable members of our society.  In the last few days, one 89 year old rape, 86 year old robbed, 88year old stabbed to death.

The 86 and 88 year old senior citizen was violated and  attacked in their homes.

The ages of the perpetrators range from 24 years old – he’s charged with raping the 89, a 32 and 34 year old male and female arrested over the death of the 88 year old great-grandmother.

What kind of low-life are these people?  How could they find it so easy to prey on the frail of our society.

The majority of these elderly people had to live through world war, they struggled to raise children, build their homes work hard for most of their lives for over half a century.  Now in their twilight years when they should be looking to enjoy the remainder of their lives in peace and tranquility, along comes the lowest form of life, take away their dignity and even their life.

Now, I was always the first person against the ‘death penalty’, but these bastards do not deserve to live.  Prison is too good for them, why should taxpayers have to pay to feed them, keep a roof over their undeserving heads, and allowed them to be freed one day to most likely repeat their ghastly offences against the weakest.  As far as I am concerned they should be ‘hang drawn and quartered’.

I am so furious, it is disgusting and down-right disgraceful.  I cannot believe that any decent person should have to go through these shameful act, moreover the elderly.

In the absence of the ‘death penalty’  I hope when they are tried and convicted the judge throws the book at them, I hope they are never parole.  I hope they spend their miserable lives forever incarcerated.

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