Migrant and racism – Nothing new there

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

It always amazes me when an authority tends to state the obvious and give us a long drawn out spiel and what minority people have known all along.

I read with amusement the article featured “UN investigator: Migrants suffer worst racism”. The greater majority of minority groups who have emigrated from their native countries, to either Europe the US or basically anywhere in the world, have always been subjected to racism, racial attacks, discrimination, you name it and they would have experienced it.

There is a stigma that is attached to certain racial group and although this is not the case everyone that is a part of that group is classified as the same.  For example, Jamaicans are primarily categorised as lazy, idle and spend their time having babies and living off the state. Nothing could be further from the truth but that kind of stereotype has been the stigma attached to most, especially young Jamaicans.

The UN report is years out-dated they are not telling us nothing that we do not know about.  When a ‘Black’ young man living in London, driving a new or fairly new car is being constantly stopped several times a day by the police, because they cannot believe that he’s employed and that he is paying through his nose on a monthly basis for the car he’s driving, instead of him been categorised as must be a drug dealer to have such car, you do not need the UN to tell you the obvious.

Racism is a state of mind, there are no reasons for anyone to hate another but unfortunately they do and sad part of it is that all race on this planet have their undesirables and we should not be focusing on individual race but those that have called the race in question.

We should not spend our time hating all Muslims because there are a few fanatics in that community, neither should we categorised all blacks as being the same, because a  few idiots have committed heinous crimes, that is unfair to law-biding blacks.

However, individual racism is bad, but the worse form or racism is still ‘institutional racism because these are the people who create the policies that govern the lives of everyone and when racism and bigotry exist in these areas there is always going to be a fundamental problem with people who have migrated into these country.

Unfortunately, Muigai presenting the report to the General Assembly and as stated “efforts to eliminate these practices”. I see this as futile there is no way that you can eliminate the bigotry in someone’s heart.  There may be some procedures that can be put into place to ensure that minority groups are treated with respect and not be targeted willy-nilly because of their race, but that does not mean that the individual that is carrying out these rules have to be a non-racist.  So you really would not effectively tackle the roots of the problem you would have only put a band aid over an already wide wound.

I am not orchestrating that the UN should not be doing something about the problem of  racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance, what I am saying is that we should not hold our breath that there are going to be any fundamental changes in the situation because we are taking about how individuals perceive each other and until we can effectively educate people and get them to understand that there are really no differences between the races except from a cultural point of view that each race has their fair share of problems but we effectively bleed blood, feel the same pains, then unfortunately racism and bigotry will be with us for a very long time.

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