Man kills eight in stabbing spree

A MAN stabbed to death eight people, including his wife, elderly mother and young daughter, in a village in southeastern China.

Xinhua news agency named the suspected killer as Zhou Yezhong, from Chengyuan in Jiangxi province.

China has been hit by a series of assaults, many of them against children, in a country where violent criminal attacks remain relatively rare.

Another two people were killed and three wounded in a stabbing spree in the city of Hong Kong on Saturday

Citing witness accounts, Xinhua said Mr Zhou first killed his 10-year-old daughter and then his mother, aged in her eighties, even though she fell to her knees begging for mercy.

The man, aged 36, rushed to another house where he killed his wife and two neighbors before stabbing two others who were running away to seek help, and a migrant worker, Xinhua said.

He was caught by police almost two hours alter.

The motive of the killings was still unknown, said Zhou Weihui, head of the county public security bureau.

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