Killer suspect ‘stayed with parents’ bodies’ before fleeing overseas

AN American man accused of stabbing his parents to death spent the night with their mutilated corpses in the family home before fleeing to Israel, it has emerged.

Investigators also suspect that Eric Bellucci, 30, from Staten Island, New York, fatally stabbed his mother, Marian, 56, in a frenzy on Tuesday night as she frantically tried to phone for help.

The Williams College graduate then went on to kill his 61-year-old father, Arthur, the New York Post reported.

The blood-drenched phone was found off its cradle when cops discovered the couple’s bodies the followign night.

Authorities arrested Bellucci yesterday in Israel as he tried to buy a ticket for a Turkish Airlines flight bound for Beijing at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv.

“Now he can’t harm himself or anyone else,” said Bellucci’s uncle, Joe Ciervo.

“What he did was very dramatic and bad. His sister and brother still love him. We won’t exclude him out of the family. But we won’t embrace him, either.”

The oft-institutionalised Bellucci, who reportedly had a great amount of anger toward his mother, vanished from his parents’ upscale home last week after threatening – yet again – to kill himself, family friend Frank Floridia said.

Mr Floridia said Arthur Bellucci, a real-estate executive, called him on to say his son had returned home several days before and “was OK.”

Police believe that within hours of that phone call, Eric Bellucci repeatedly stabbed his father in the neck and torso and then stabbed his pajama-clad mother, before spending hours in the home, washing his parents’ blood off his body.

He was due to arrive in the US sometime tonight or early tomorrow to face expected murder charges.

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