Julian Assange – What Goes Around!!

By Sandrea:- MY  OPINION

The old adage ‘what goes around comes back around’ must be giving Julian Assange some cause for concern and he certainly cannot be feeling too good at the moment.

The recent leak of the pre-trial court document surrounding the investigation in Sweden regarding his allege rape charges must make him realise that in the same manner in which he leaked thousand of official document for all the world to see would eventual come back to haunt him in ways that I would expect he never dreamt of.

When you play with fire you must accept the fact that you are going to get burn and he has played in the biggest league of all and now he is paying the price.

I am one of those that agree that there are too much secrecy in government and that we, in a democratic society should be told what our respective government are up to however, on the other hand there are some secrets that government needs to protect at all cost because should they be made public it could jeopardise the lives of many people and to that end it is right for our government to keep those secrets.

The information that Julian Assange made public was in excess of what the pubic needed to know and call into question relationship with some of our allies and that was not good for anyone. So how does he feel now knowing that someone has done the same thing to him and that intimate details of his private live has been laid bear on the internet for all to see.

It gave me no pleasure in reading certain aspects of the investigation that the Swedish authority have undertaken and in particular things such as a ‘used condom’ that was kept by one of the allege individual that claimed she was sexually molested by Assange.

The leaked information regarding Assange tantamount to trial by the media and how can he be tried fairly when the information that should have been discussed in a court of law has been made public and regardless of what people may say they will go into that trail with pre-conceived ideas and in my opinion that kind of justice is tainted the minute those document appeared on the internet.

I do not believe that Julian can be given a fair and impartial trail but, he should now be blaming himself for the leaks that he has undertaken and realise that when you go down the path that he has taken the consequences were going to be dire.  You cannot take on the might of certain government and leaked confidential information and believe that you would escape the wrath of those administrations.

Julian Assange needs now to take a stock of what happen and I hope in future he will think twice before embarking on any more leaks that could embarrass any government because as he now see that they have the capabilities to do the same to him and to make his live a living nightmare.

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