Jockey Deaths: Jury Listens To 999 Call

A stable hand who survived a fire that killed two teenage jockeys has cried in court as a jury listened to a recording of her 999 call.

Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne

Jan Wilson and Jamie Kyne died in the fire

Lizzie Murphy, 18, had to be led from Leeds Crown Court in tears as she was heard on tape frantically screaming for help.

Peter Brown, 37, is on trial accused of murdering promising apprentice jockeys Jamie Kyne, 18, and Jan Wilson, 19, in September 2009.

The prosecution alleges that he set fire to the block of flats where he lived in Norton, North Yorkshire, as an act of revenge after being refused entry to a party.

On the 999 recording Ms Murphy is heard saying: “We’ve got a fire and we can’t get out.”

In the call Ms Murphy is heard screaming and saying “I’m climbing out.”

The operator tells her: “We are on our way. We’ve got fire engines on the way.”

Ms Wilson’s mother Margaret sobbed as the recording was played in court. Her daughter and Jamie Kyne had been sleeping in a second floor flat and were unable to escape the fire as it spread through the building.

Ms Murphy described how she and her boyfriend, Liam, escaped by climbing out of a first-floor bedroom window and down a drainpipe to safety.

She said: “I didn’t want to jump. I turned round, my back was facing Liam. I climbed out and I dropped the phone just inside the window.”

Later, Brown allegedly told her: “This is your fault, this is what you get when you have parties.”

Brown denies charges of murder, manslaughter and arson with intent to endanger life.

The trial continues.

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