Jamaican man killed in Bermuda

A 40-year-old Jamaican hospital cleaner in Hamilton, Bermuda has died in a drive-by shooting outside a home that was the scene of a mob attack last year.

The Bermudian police say George Lynch was shot dead by a single bullet wound to the chest as he stood with two other men outside the home, late Wednesday night.

He’s the second Jamaican to be gunned down in Bermuda this year.

The police say Lynch, who had no gang affiliations and no known criminal history, was an innocent victim.

Commissioner Michael DeSilva says there’s no evidence to immediately link the crime to the trial of a group of St. George’s men accused of a mob attack at the same address 15 months ago.

Three men were convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm to Tamasgen Furbert at the home just hours before Wednesday night’s murder.

The home belonged to Philmore Phinn, a Jamaican father of three, who had given evidence at the trial.

Phinn is understood to have been at the property when Lynch, who worked in the housekeeping department at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, was shot.

However, the police do not believe Phinn was the intended target.

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