Jamaican faces 29 years for illegal entry

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – A Jamaican man yesterday pleaded guilty to re-entering the United States illegally and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Warren Powell, also known as Cecil Mark Harvey, Ronald Dixon, or Josh Schoburg, age 47, of Jamaica, admitted to the crimes when he was nabbed in Henderson County, Kentucky in October last year.

The website wireupdate.com reported that Powell admitted that he had previously been deported and he possessed four pounds of marijuana for distribution.

Powell was deported from Miami, Florida on Boxing Day 2002 and had not obtained a valid visa from the US Government to reenter the country. He also confessed that he had received  marijuana, which was found in his possession, through the US Postal system.

Powell pleaded guilty Thursday, and if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 29 years and a 3-year period of supervised release.

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