Israel – A fine one to talk about Islamic rule

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Israel premier is a fine one to talk about potential Islamic style rule in Egypt. He should be more concerned with what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians and the suffering for many years of these people because of Israel.

When will the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu learn that any uprising stems from the frustration and the need of a people to be freed from tyranny by their government? Oppression is one of the fundamental reason why any nation demonstrates, when people are kept down for long it is inevitable and eventually their sense of pride and decency and fair-play will make ordinary people get up and march against been oppressed.

The Islamic-style of ruling that Benjamin Netanyahu is so concerned about can only be derived from the fact that the Egyptians no longer trust their representatives and would rather be led by another type of regime rather than the one that they currently have, and that could be a style of government that although not palatable to the western society would suit the Egyptians.

If the Egyptians end up with an extremist regime then the current corrupt government is the ones to be blame. They did not treat their citizen in the manner in which they should be govern and the fact that the military has stated that they will not use force against the demonstrators is a testament to the fact that the military believes that what the people are doing fair and just. The fact that the current regime as lost the respect of its military personnel should make the entire government resign and a new authority put in place to effectively and honestly govern the people of Egypt.

Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be spending his time and energy undertaking policies that would see peace with the Palestinians and not leave office with the same old rhetoric that his predecessor holds against the Palestinians.

As mentioned, In Iran, mass protests against the Western-backed shah erupted in January 1978 and he was forced out a year later, leaving a power vacuum that was grasped by the exiled Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who returned to set up the Islamic Republic. The operative word there is ‘Western-backed’ and there lies the problem, so long as the West continues to back unpopular regimes and ignore the rights of the individuals we will forever have uprising like what are currently seeing in Egypt.

The West is so hell-bent and promoting their style of democracy around the world that they become blinded by the fact that some of the regimes that they are propping up are violating the rights of their citizens, they are corrupt, and use sections of their military and police force to brutalise and control it’s people and yet we still throw money at them because they promise democracy. We never seem to learn that we will never get democracy in every sections of the world and that not only democracy can be beneficial to a people.

There is nothing wrong with communism it’s the individuals that rule make communism such a scary word. The concept of communism is an ideal one but alas we live in a world that money is the number one ruler and because of that, no systems will ever be perfect, but what we can do is to ensure that when we decide to prop up any government that promise democracy ensure that they are treating their people honestly and fairly and maybe we will see an end to the uprising and destruction a country and its people.

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