Geert Wilders, No surprises there

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

Although it is wrong on all fronts to make racist, sexist, and or bigoted comments regarding a person’s religious belief or the colour of their skin, it is not surprising that Geert Wilders was found not guilty on all charges.

We live in a world that has seen so-called proponents of the Islamic faith have undertaken atrocious crimes against humanity and especially against individuals that they see as ‘infidels’.  It would be very wrong for any of us to believe that the entire Islamic nation or that individuals of the Muslim faith are all lunatics and want to see the type of violence that the fanatical aspect of their faith have perpetrated on others.
In a democratic society and especially for a politicians it is not wise to vent your frustration or disgust for other in the manner in which Geert Wilders has, however that was his opinion and regardless of the fact that many of us find is comment appalling we have to accept the fact that he is entitled to his opinion regardless of how distasteful those opinions are.
The Netherlands needs to take a hard look at this decision because this was not just a test of how tolerant individuals should be, but it could open the door for other political figure to believe that if Geert Wilders can get away with his bigotry then they too can.  We have to remember that supporters of the Islamic faith are very firm in the belief that any desecration of their holy book tantamount to blasphemy and they do not take that lightly.
I am concerned that this decision will ignite the fanatical aspects of the Islamic faith and the Netherlands could see  violence on their streets the likes of something that they did not bargain for and would wish to see happen.
However we feel about a particular race, creed, and or religious belief we must not allow ourselves to inflame what is clearly an already delicate situation.  I am not suggesting that we should cower because we are afraid of these individuals, but surely there are other methods that we could use instead of way in which Geert Wilders when about it.
Christians are very fanatical about the ‘Bible’ and they would not be happy if someone would cast aspirations on the ‘bible’ or the teaching of the bible and we should do the same to any other religious book that is used by other in the pursuit of their faith.
I sincerely hope that the Netherlands does not see a black lash because of this decisions and I hope that Geert Wilders does not see this as a way of continuing is outrageous behaviour against the Islamic faith or the ‘Koran’. Once anyone begin to cast aspirations on any book regardless of what that book is then how long before we go down the road that Adolf Hitler took in the burning of books.  Books are mere words and the manner in which individuals are groups chose to interpret the words is a matter of choice and the Koran, despite what Geert Wilders believe does not encourage anyone to commit crimes, like the Bible it taught it users about love, they choose to twist aspect of the Koran for their stupidity and this should not have any reflection on the Koran whatsoever.

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