Four alleged anarchists appear in G20 court

Four alleged anarchists accused of having organizing roles in the weekend’s G20 riots are scheduled to appear in a Toronto court today for bail hearings.

Leah Henderson, Amanda Hiscocks, Peter Hopperton and Alex Hundert are alleged to be members of the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance, or S.O.A.R.

They were arrested before police cars were set aflame and storefronts vandalized during a G20 protest Saturday.

Some 700 people were arrested in the aftermath of that violence.

Reached before the hearing, Henderson’s defence lawyer Brydie Bethell refused to comment, other than to say she was in a meeting to figure out what everybody’s positions are in the case.

She says she is getting conflicting information.

A total of 900 summit-related arrests have been made since June 18.

The Crown has said they are dealing with an “avalanche of information” based on a wide-scale police investigation into Black Bloc tactics dating back to April 2009.

Anarchists employing the tactic infiltrate large peaceful demonstrations wearing normal street clothing. They then change into black clothing and cover their faces in balaclavas or ski masks before fanning out and destroying symbols of capitalism.

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